Good News for Employees and Pensioners: DA Increases and Arrears Paid

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Employees and Pensioners Rejoice as Dearness Allowance Hike Brings Financial Relief

In a heartening development for employees and pensioners across the country, the dearness allowance (DA) and dearness relief have received a significant hike. Governments at both the central and state levels have issued notifications, bringing smiles to the faces of millions. The orders include the payment of arrears for five months and a substantial increase in the percentage of DA. As a result, up to Rs 47,000 will be credited to their accounts.

Central Government Employees Witness a 16% DA Increase

Effective from January 1, 2023, the central government has taken a major step in increasing the DA for its employees. Along with their June salaries, employees will receive arrears for the past six months. The rise in DA stands at an impressive 16%, serving as a significant boost to their income.

The DA for central autonomous body and central government employees under the Fifth Pay Commission has also been increased by 16%. Previously, they received 396% of their basic pay as DA, but now it has risen to 412%. This revised percentage will now be added to their basic pay as DA.

State Governments Follow Suit

Several state governments have joined the bandwagon by issuing orders to increase the DA for their employees. The Haryana government, in particular, has raised the DA for its government employees by 9%. The official notification, released on Wednesday, ensures that the employees receive a DA of 221%. Additionally, pensioners will also benefit from this increase. The Finance Department has duly issued the necessary notification, and the implementation is effective from January 1. The arrears for the past five months will be disbursed soon, along with the increased DA, which will reflect in the July salaries.

Madhya Pradesh Grants Generous DA Increase to Former Employees

Former employees, including pensioners, in Madhya Pradesh have been bestowed with a generous gift from the state government. All government university pensioners will witness a remarkable increase of 62% in their DA. Under the sixth pay scale, the DA for all pensioners has risen from 139% to 201%. The Education Department has issued orders to this effect. The pensioners’ salary will experience a significant boost, as the DA increase is accompanied by the consent of the university to contribute to the corpus fund annually. Furthermore, there are indications that the government might also raise the DA for employees under the seventh pay scale.

Orissa Government Implements Double DA Hike

The Orissa government has brought double joy to its employees and pensioners by increasing the DA twice in just three months. The latest increase takes the DA from 38% to 42%, benefiting over 700,000 employees and pensioners. This follows a previous 4% increase by the Orissa government, which brought the inflation rate to 38%. The revised DA has been effective since January and will be disbursed alongside the July salaries.

Karnataka Government Joins the List

The Government of Karnataka has also increased the DA for its employees, including pensioners, by 4%. A circular has been issued to this effect, raising the DA from 31% to 35%. The implementation is set to begin from January 1, 2023. The employees will also receive arrears owed to them, providing further relief.

The recent wave of DA hikes across different governments has brought much-needed respite to employees and pensioners. With notifications in place, arrears being paid, and substantial increases in the DA percentages, the financial situation of countless individuals is set to improve. This move by the governments is testament to their commitment to the welfare of their workforce.

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