Mohammad Amir’s Big Statement Regarding BCCI And Jay Shah

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Mohammad Amir Criticizes BCCI and Jay Shah for Disregarding Pakistan in Asia Cup Negotiations

Renowned former Pakistani cricketer, Mohammad Amir, has expressed his disappointment with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and its Secretary, Jay Shah, accusing them of displaying immaturity and disrespect towards the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the sport itself.

The ongoing dispute over the venue for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 has intensified tensions between the two cricketing nations, as India refuses to travel to Pakistan.

Amir, in a candid statement, shed light on the BCCI’s apparent disregard for the PCB, suggesting that their actions undermine the value of the board and cricket in Pakistan. He emphasized the BCCI’s consistent efforts to marginalize the PCB and diminish its role in decision-making processes.

Expressing disappointment, Mohammad Amir highlighted the BCCI’s lack of interest in finding a middle ground, particularly rejecting the proposed hybrid model presented by the PCB to resolve the deadlock. Media reports have indicated the BCCI’s disinterest in this proposal.

The former cricketer drew a comparison between the BCCI’s behavior and that of a rebellious child who refuses to follow instructions.

He stated, “The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is being completely written off, which means it is being treated disrespectfully. It’s like the cricket board, or Pakistan cricket itself, has no worth at all, and they [BCCI] are making continuous efforts to prove that.”

Amir further criticized the BCCI for repeatedly resorting to feeble excuses such as bad weather, high expenses, and security concerns whenever the PCB suggested alternative solutions.

He defended Pakistan’s commitment to providing a safe environment for cricket, citing the exceptional hospitality extended to the International Cricket Council (ICC) delegation during their recent visit and the rigorous security measures in place.

Stressing the need for a peaceful sporting environment, regardless of the hosting country, Mohammad Amir urged the cricketing world to prioritize unity and harmony. He emphasized that cricket should bring nations together, whether the matches take place in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh.

Amir’s remarks shed light on the escalating tensions surrounding the Asia Cup negotiations between the PCB and the BCCI. The cricketing community eagerly awaits a resolution that would allow the tournament to proceed smoothly, fostering the spirit of the game across borders.

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