New SIM Card Rules 2023: Know How Many Sims Can Be Bought From One Aadhaar?

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In a significant move to tackle the increasing instances of cyber fraud and ensure digital security, the Indian government has introduced new regulations governing the acquisition of SIM cards. These rules, effective from 2023, are designed to strengthen the process of obtaining SIM cards and prevent the potential misuse of multiple connections for fraudulent activities.

Bulk SIM Card Issuance Provision Eliminated

The latest regulations bring an end to the practice of purchasing SIM cards in bulk. The government’s decision aligns with its ongoing efforts to counter fraudulent calls, scams, and cybercrimes. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav emphasized that this step is crucial to safeguard citizens from falling victim to digital fraud.

Swift Action to Tackle Fraudulent Activities

In a bid to tackle fraudulent activities promptly, around 52 lakh connections have already been blocked to mitigate the risk of fraud calls. Additionally, the government has imposed sanctions on 67,000 dealers involved in the sale of SIM cards.

Enhanced Verification Process for Sellers

Under the updated guidelines, individuals selling SIM cards are now required to undergo both biometric and police verifications. Furthermore, sellers must register to be authorized to sell SIM cards. Telecom operators are tasked with verifying the authenticity of merchants, and any breach of these rules could result in a hefty fine of 10 lakhs. To facilitate a smooth transition, traders have been granted a 12-month period to complete the verification process.

Collection of Demographic Data for Enhanced Security

Customers seeking to acquire a new SIM card while retaining their existing number will now have their demographic data collected through the scanning of a printed QR code. This additional layer of security aims to prevent fraudulent activities.

Business Connection System Introduced

In a departure from the previous practice of obtaining SIM cards in bulk, the government has introduced a system for business connections. Despite this change, individuals can still purchase up to 9 SIM cards using a single ID proof.

Reassignment of Numbers After 90 Days

In another key provision, if a customer decides to discontinue their SIM card, the number will only be reassigned to another customer after a waiting period of 90 days. This measure aims to prevent rapid reassignment that could potentially be exploited for fraudulent activities.

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